Tuesday, 9 July 2013

animal print-A gal must-haves

my gal rockin some cat print
I love watching jerseylicious show...for those who don't know what that is ,its a reality show that revolves around some  dramatic group of people in a salon setting.They always make working in a salon look classy from the high flying life they live in terms of big cars and houses from the managers down to the sweepers.
my lovely pairs

some lovely animal print shoes n scarf
But one thing that will always catch your eye when watching their drama erupt every now and then, is their love for animal print...these are real addicts of animal prints since they have them everywhere and i mean everywhere from their outfits to the couches to their shoes and pillows name them....and now i think I'm also becoming an addict.

Animal print will always give you an edge above others.it has this sense of sophistication and  however cheap it maybe be it always looks expensive......u' ve got to get some of these....
i like!

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