Tuesday, 18 June 2013

what kind of a woman are you????

The Tomboy
Men will call you this simply if you like to get active a lot. If your relationship consists of a lot of hiking, surfing, gym time and general time outdoors/exercising, a man will refer to you as a Tomboy. At heart, all men are little boys who want to play all day and who have a lot of energy to release. They like having a woman who can keep up.

The Gold-Digger
Men get a kick out of dating at least one or two Gold-diggers—it says something about their status that women are even out to dig for their gold. And there is something satisfying about it being so easy to make a woman happy: just buy her stuff. No emotional complications involved.

The Freak
Typically men won’t stay with the ultra-sexual chick forever—the one who wants to bang in the back seat of taxi cabs, who grabs their guy’s junk under the table at dinner with his mom, and who owns a few illegal adult toys. But, as a sort of right of passage, they’ll all date one.

The hood chick
This could mean you dress in a lot of leopard print spandex jumpers, or that you have long acrylic nails, or that you speak like a rapper, or all of the above. But something about a hood chick brings out the competitive side in a man—he can’t be a demure, wimpy, submissive boyfriend with this girl.

The Good Girl
Men love nothing more than to corrupt a good girl. They love having a girl around whose sensibilities are so fragile, she covers her mouth in shock every time he makes a crude joke—that lets him know it was really crude, and he feels like a bad*ss. But good girls also bring out the inherently protective side in men: they love taking care of a sweet, unsuspecting female who doesn’t speak up for herself.

Wife material
Wife material is pretty easy to understand after you’ve read about girlfriend material. But, wife material can usually get away with not filling all the other categories. Maybe she isn’t as active as her man would like, or maybe she isn’t that adventurous in the bedroom. The reason she gets away with falling short in an area or two is because the “it” factor is there—he can’t see himself without her.

Yup, just plain crazy. This is the woman who will accuse a man of cheating with a woman he’s never even met, who will call every ten minutes, who will talk about all the kids they’re going to have together, and will tell him what friends he can’t hang out with. So why do men date this nightmare? Because it’s kind of an ego boost to have someone so madly obsessed with you, at least once in life. Of course, they realize this rollercoaster isn’t sustainable in the long run.

The tease
This woman insists that she is casual. She has a way of making a man wonder if she’s seeing other guys. She avoids conversations about “what we are,” sends midnight “Get in my bed” texts, and gets up right after sex to make herself food. She’s elusive, but oh so exciting. She’ll keep a guy wanting more for a long time but eventually it ends because A) She turns around one day and gives him what he wants (i.e. acts like a committed girlfriend) and he realizes the allure is gone or B) The guy begins to feel emasculated and ends it

The toy
This is a more innocent form of a booty call. Yes, if you’re the toy, a guy will want to have sex with you, but he’ll also call you up when he feels like whining about life, or when he wants someone to cuddle, or when he wants someone to keep him company grocery shopping. Some guys want all the perks of having a g

rocking those curves

food for thought: rocking those curves: Who said plus size women do not have style? As the woman wears the clothes they  can appreciate it or detonate it!Therefore, one must l...

rocking those curves

Who said plus size women do not have style? As the woman wears the clothes they  can appreciate it or detonate it!Therefore, one must learn to highlight strengths and mitigate what is not so cool. If you are a plus size woman,here are some fashion tips to learn how to dress without fear.
  • Buy clothes of your size! Do not be fooled! Recognize your real size.
  • Choose underwear that will help you. well adjusted bra, a body, a pair of panties just for its size helps camouflage lumps of extra pounds.
  • Do not hide your curves. Don’t buy overly baggy clothes! You do not need to look like you’re wearing a sack!
  • Do not wear too sticky. This is the most common error of plus size women. Play all “look” on the ground. Common sense needs to prevail in time to dress.
  • Skirts should end at the knee, the kneecap where it ends. This way is more elegant. Very short skirts will show some extra pounds of you so avoid them.
  • Draw attention to your feet. Wear shoes those are powerful, colorful and chic. Attention can stay on your feet with charm and style, without losing the rest of their production. So, combine colors, textures.
  • Avoid elastic waist. Generally, pants, shorts or skirts with elastic volume increase. Disguise the volume!
  • Open necklines are more interesting! V neckline elongates the neck and brings attention to the neck.
  • Colors in clothes. Forget that maxim, “black masks”. Everything always black leaves the “look” very tiring and boring. Use and abuse of colors. This shows that the woman is not interested in all the time to hide behind the use of black. Fashion is a colorful world of possibilities.
  • Use and abuse of accessories. Costume jewelry, belts and bracelets can do wonders for you. To disguise the volume of some regions, you can draw attention to other parts of your body with these accessories.