Thursday, 15 June 2017


Its been a minute(lie), ages ooh well yes...Sometimes the scripts of our lives don't flow as expected and at times they do take a detour that forces one to abandon one thing on to the next.

In such times,I have learnt to make lemonade whenever life hands me some lemons.

Children happened,school on one side and  a demanding job on the other,that I hardly got time  to do what I really like (Blogging). Its during this period that suddenly my lemonade moment happened and voila! I now come back as a miniature Interior Designer and  Landscaper.

So in the next few issues I will be tackling anything and everything that entails revamping our homes and giving them some life.I will be giving " how to" tips on both Interior decor as well as Landscaping.

All these will be based on knowledge accumulated during my short stint as a Project Manager on a construction site.Oh Yes! you heard me right.
We shall be looking at Paint work and themes,Floor surfaces,Tile work and roofing,as well as Landscaping and that entails; lawns,flowers,trees,paving blocks,fencing,lighting and many more.

Before and after photos are always a good way of sending a message home so yes they will part of the articles.
So cheers to Interior decor and Landscaping made easy!