Tuesday, 18 June 2013

rocking those curves

Who said plus size women do not have style? As the woman wears the clothes they  can appreciate it or detonate it!Therefore, one must learn to highlight strengths and mitigate what is not so cool. If you are a plus size woman,here are some fashion tips to learn how to dress without fear.
  • Buy clothes of your size! Do not be fooled! Recognize your real size.
  • Choose underwear that will help you. well adjusted bra, a body, a pair of panties just for its size helps camouflage lumps of extra pounds.
  • Do not hide your curves. Don’t buy overly baggy clothes! You do not need to look like you’re wearing a sack!
  • Do not wear too sticky. This is the most common error of plus size women. Play all “look” on the ground. Common sense needs to prevail in time to dress.
  • Skirts should end at the knee, the kneecap where it ends. This way is more elegant. Very short skirts will show some extra pounds of you so avoid them.
  • Draw attention to your feet. Wear shoes those are powerful, colorful and chic. Attention can stay on your feet with charm and style, without losing the rest of their production. So, combine colors, textures.
  • Avoid elastic waist. Generally, pants, shorts or skirts with elastic volume increase. Disguise the volume!
  • Open necklines are more interesting! V neckline elongates the neck and brings attention to the neck.
  • Colors in clothes. Forget that maxim, “black masks”. Everything always black leaves the “look” very tiring and boring. Use and abuse of colors. This shows that the woman is not interested in all the time to hide behind the use of black. Fashion is a colorful world of possibilities.
  • Use and abuse of accessories. Costume jewelry, belts and bracelets can do wonders for you. To disguise the volume of some regions, you can draw attention to other parts of your body with these accessories.

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